A Life Uncorked

Katy & Joe

A Life Uncorked is a blog to help inspire people to go out, adventure, and live their lives to the fullest. We truly believe that when you just say "yes" to chances, great things can happen. We hope our stories of wining and wandering encourage you to go out and be open to having as much fun as you can possibly have!

Hey there, we’re Katy and Joe! We live in Fort Worth, Texas and love the world. We look for every opportunity to do as much traveling, drinking fun drinks, and trying new things together as possible. We really feel like we have a story to tell and that our lives can inspire you to go out, adventure, and live your own life to the fullest. Our specialty is in mid price range, couples’ travel—i.e. we’re certainly not the kind of people who will be staying in luxury hotels across the globe, but aren’t quite backpacking and staying in hostels either. Our suite spot is somewhere in between: nice accommodations, eating and drinking our ways through destinations, and never saying “no” to adventure!

We truly believe that when you just say “yes” to chances, the greatest things can happen and if maybe, just maybe, our life is interesting enough for someone to want to read about it, we’ll tell you all of the stories behind our wonderful adventures in the world of couples’ travel in A Life Uncorked!

We’re so thankful you have happened upon our blog and hope it helps your life to be as much fun as ours is!